A Break in the Clouds

In collaboration with Michael Denton and AnnaMcCrickard, Rob worked with their imagery to create a site-specific installation from 16th to 19th Aug 2002. Commissioned by the Big Chill Festival to create a piece for their art trail, the setting was a tranquil glade in scenic gardens at night.

A Break In The Clouds was a silence-responsive work that used microphones hidden in bushes and a screen suspended above the trees. It initially displayed an impenetrable bank of clouds and simple sound level indicators. When visitors were noisy, the clouds remained and the view was obscured, reflecting the loss of clarity associated with an agitated state. When visitors were quiet, the clouds cleared to reveal artificial satellite views of fantastical, computer-generated landscapes, suggestive of a greater vision attained through tranquility.

A Break in the Clouds at Big Chill Art Trail
A Break in the Clouds screenshot