Where do you come from…

Where do you come from... mock up
Where do you come from? Where are you going? (2003) is a project proposed for outdoor large-scale public gatherings such as music festivals or sports events.

As thousands of visitors move around the event site over the course of one or more days, artificial intelligence (AI) software agents move around a computer model of the same site, each responding to the event’s actual programme and their simulated needs for food, shelter and recreation. The paths of the virtual visitors are plotted and projected onto the floor, leaving visual traces of movement over time.

Where do you come from... mock up trace
The piece was developed to explore concepts of scale and significance, reality and simulation, internal and external influence, spontaneity and predictability and the movements of people (‘diaspora’) and information. In asking the question in its title, the work encourages the viewer to consider their own answers, not just in the current moment, but in the span of a year, their lifetime and the lifetimes of their ancestors and descendants.